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JT McCormick – Pimps, Prostitutes, & Perseverance

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_“I’m often asked ‘What’s the one thing?’… The fact is, it’s not one thing. It’s the course of several things… but if someone wants me to give them one answer, I express that it’s mindset: What are you going to do to achieve success?”_ JT McCormick’s childhood was fraught with poverty, violence, gang activity, and incarceration.

Despite these challenges, he has become the CEO of Book in a Box and one of the premier experts on scaling and growing a business. In this episode, Ari and JT discuss the importance of mindset, discipline, and sacrifice on the road to success.


0:25 – Ari opens the podcast and introduces his guest, JT McCormick

1:20 – JT talks about his start in the professional world and his introduction to Book in a Box as an author.

2:15 – Ari and JT discuss his backstory and the challenges of his childhood.

4:14 – JT shares a moment from his youth that changed his outlook and set him on the path to success.

5:40 – Even though he was never exposed to entrepreneurship, JT explains how he was able to learn by observing his environment. Even in his first job as a young adult, the drive and dedication that would lead him to success was apparent.

10:45 – Discipline is the root of JT’s success. He thrives on discipline, cultivating the right mindset, and structure. He shares his daily routine.

12:43 – While JT can attribute his success to several factors, mindset has been the most impactful.

13.15 – JT talks about the 3 S’s: sleep, sacrifice, and success. He has an uncommon willingness to sacrifice for success, and he discusses how this has manifested in career.

15:35 – Ari and JT share the challenges of parenting small children.

17:10 – Ari asks JT what excites him most about Book in a Box.

18:22 – JT shares the successes of Book in a Box and the biggest challenges he sees going forward.

20:53 – Ari closes the show Resources: Book in a Box website: []( Find JT McCormick on LinkedIn []( Email JT at []( Find out more about Ari Meisel and Less Doing on our [website]( Want even more productivity tips, tricks, and insights? Join our Less Doing community on [Slack]( or [Facebook]( ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: