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# Episode 149


In Episode #149 Ari shares the podcast with Julie Armet of [Tawkify](, a new online service that is bring concierge quality to the world of online dating. During this episode, Ari asks Julie to explain the world of modern dating, what makes Tawkify so unique and why young professionals want concierge dating services.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 22:54 – The introduction of Julie Armet

– 23:10 – Julie explains _what _Tawkify is

– 23:50 – There are so many options for online dating at this point that a dating concierge has become a necessity

– 25:10 – Making the decision of “who to meet” on your own is debilitating

– 25:28 – Our visually-oriented dating culture has condemned online dating to a shopping mentality which is highly un-healthy

– 27:25 – The metrics a Tawkify concierge will use to measure a person’s relationship wants

– 27:49 – Energy is an intangible quality and vitally important to finding a good match

– 28:45 – The less criteria you have when it comes to dating the better it is

– 29:00 – Different dating sites have different outcomes and different ideal audiences

– 31:00 – This generation of young professionals grew up in the world of social media which makes us better networkers and better researchers

– 32:45 – Tawkify plans date designs by their research and being creative

– 33:35 – Tawkify tries to take the attention off the couple and put it on the experience

– 34:49 – Vulnerability increases the odds of falling in love

– 35:10 – The #1 mistake people do while dating?—TALKING ABOUT DATING

– 36:30 – Julie brings one of her dating experts onto the podcast

– 37:50 – The purpose of the question is more important than the question itself—You’re trying to gauge the conversation that evolves from the question rather than the answer

– 40:00 – The goal of Tawkify is to get people to meet again—That’s their success metric

– 41:30 – How Tawkify develops matchmakers

– 42:50 – Julie’s _Top 3 Tips to Be More Effective:_

– 43:05 – Be persistent. Follow-up.

– 43:14 – Be proactive. Show accountability.

– 43:23 – Treat people the way you want to be treated

– 44:00 – []( and [Julie’s Instagram]( and [Julie’s Twitter](

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Finding a good partner starts with finding someone who can complement your level of energy.
  2. Online dating has become a visually-oriented enterprise akin to shopping…people overly focus on quantity rather than quality.
  3. The less criteria you have for a partner the healthier your dating-life and relationships will be.
  4. Want to plan a successful date?—Take the attention off the couple and place it on the experience of the date itself.
  5. The #1 dating mistake?—Talking about dating.
  6. When asking questions on a first date, evaluate the quality of the conversation that evolves NOT the answer.
  7. If you like your date, keep your goals simple: you’d like to meet them again—That’s it.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Sqwiggle]( – For people who work with remote teams, an application that allows pe —

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