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In Episode #192 Ari interviews JV Crum of [The Conscious Millionaire](

Listen as Ari and JV talk about the value of having _real_ purpose in life, and how chasing that purpose means having measurable goals and focused priorities.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 04:44 – [Less Doists]( — the virtual assistant service Ari started with Nick S. of Calvin app lore — did 100 hours of work for its clients

– 26:42 – Introduction of JV Crum III—[the Conscious Millionaire](

– 26:59 – JV stands for ‘Joint Venture’. JV was called ‘Junior Varsity’ in law school and he decided to change that by telling people at conferences it stood for ‘Joint Venture.’ His full name is James Vivien Crum the III

– 28:20 – Before being ‘The Conscious Millionaire’ JV grew up in a family with a lot of financial struggles and decided that the end to that was to grow up and be a millionaire. He became a millionaire when he was about 25

– 28:50 – He realized his life was miserable and he went on sweat lodges, spiritual retreats as part of a 15 year journey to try and figure out what was missing

– 29:27 – He sold the companies because he realized he wasn’t living his purpose and went on to find out what was his purpose

– 29:41 – Had a revelation in Lake Tahoe and solved the phrase in his head ‘Conscious Millionaire’ and decided that’s what he was supposed to be doing.

– 30:10 – He made his money by working in his dad’s business (regional trucking line). He turned the business around and within 3 years the company was making three figure profits in a month

– 32:02 – Teaching people how to make money in alignment with their purpose, their passion

– 32:47 – Helps people find their passion or purpose with coaching

– 33:30 – Journaling

– 33:36 – How to figure out passion: What are the things you’re so passionate about that hours pass and you don’t even know it? And when you’re engaged in it you feel joy? And I bet those are the same activities you’ve helped friends/clients for free.

– 34:11 – 2. How to figure out your purpose: a difference you want to make. – 35:08 – Purpose is about being of service to others.

– 35: 15 – How to figure out your purpose: if you could wake up every day and make this difference for people, you’d feel joy, you’d feel happy?

– 35:28 – What are your natural strengths?

– 35:40 – Strengths = things you do almost perfectly every time.

– 36:29 – People don’t know how to make money out of it.

– 36:31 – You make money by looking at a few niche markets that have problems that the difference you want to make can help provide solutions for.

– 36:47 – The only thing a buyer will buy is solutions.

– 37:01 – Only chose one of those niches and two or three problems and 1 product

– 38:01 – His first product was coaching

– 39:47 – Having a holistic approach

– 40:12 – The energy from your heart space is what really pushes you

– 40:28 – Health and fitness practices are indispensable

– 42:00 – JV’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 42:23 – Have priorities and don’t have more than 3

– 42:34 – Don’t wake up with a to-do list, wake up with a priority

– 43:25 – Take focused action and have measurable results

– 43:55 – [www.Con — Send in a voice message: