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Larry Love – “It’s Not About The Money, It’s About The Rush.”

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# Episode 225 Summary: In Episode #225 Nick interviews Larry Love, famed chess hustler from Washington Square Park. Listen as Nick and Larry discuss the impact chess has had on their lives, why it is truly the greatest game in the world for your mind, and why life is about you and you alone.

Time-stamped Show Notes

– 21:30 – Nick kicks off the interview

– 22:03 – Larry shares his background playing chess

– 22:30 – Losing repeatedly in chess to learn how to become dominant

– 23:03 – Larry never read a book about chess, he just took his lumps

– 25:20 – Nick plays 3-5 hours with Larry per week

– 26:28 – Looking ahead in moves

– 26:40 – Larry likes to look 3 to 4 moves ahead

– 27:05 – Games are typically 5 minutes long—it’s speed chess

– 28:50 – Larry gets bored playing anything other than speed chess

– 29:18 – Larry is the first person to ever back Nick in a game of Chess

– 30:10 – Speed chess isn’t about the money, it’s about the rush

– 30:30 – Get into chess because it wakes your brain up and keeps you sharp

– 31:07 – The best practices for learning how to play chess?—jump in the pool, get on the bike…you’ll struggle, but you’ll learn

– 32:27 – Larry has a daughter who’s an honor student and applying to Stanford

– 32:49 – _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_: – – Learn how to play chess because chess IS life – Do what you gotta do for yourself—don’t do it for anyone else – Be humble Key Points:

1. Start playing chess, it will keep your mind sharp and on-point.

2. Always look 3 to 4 moves ahead in life, and you’ll find yourself on top.

3. Live your life for yourself and no one else.

Resources Mentioned: – [Your Voice and Disease]( – Researchers believe the sound of someone’s voice can help diagnose disease – [Stand Up Screen]( – A whiteboard that will generate automatic updates in Trello – [Finalem]( – Must Read—build a daily digest of what you message in Slack – [Emma]( – An autonomous AI that promises the world, but it’s unclear what it does – [ChartMogul]( – Analytics for Stripe, Chargify, etc.

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