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Laura Coe – Emotional Obesity

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# Episode 121


In Episode #121Ari shares the mic with Laura Coe of _[Emotional Obesity](, the very first workout and fitness system for the soul. During the interview, Ari and Laura define the risks of “emotional obesity” while talking about the importance of remaining in-tune with personal goals and objectives.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 18:20 – Introduction of Laura Coe

– 18:38 – How Laura arrived at the decision to write _Emotional Obesity_

– 21:27 – _When it comes our emotional health, we don’t really do anything stay in emotional shape…we push through our feelings and passions_

– 21:25 – Recognizing and connecting with your _authentic-self _is instrumental for personal well-being

– 22:24 – When it comes to _productivity_, the #1 complaint of Ari’s clients is a sense of feeling _overwhelmed_…a lack of self-awareness (connecting to the _authentic-self_) is a huge component of this feeling

– 24:14 – Laura defines “junk-food thoughts”

– 24:47 – _What are the thoughts that you use to wind yourself up in those moments of feeling stressed?_—Identify them and then work to eliminate them

– 26:05 – Understand that being more self-aware can bring previously suppressed problems to the surface; this is OK

– 28:09 – Breaking down the nuances of “emotional fitness”

– 28:46 – Find the default excuses used to create a _gilded-cage _and shatter them

– 29:21 – Create an increasingly rigorous emotional workout that focuses on the creation of a positive, fear-conquering mindset

– 32:39 – Find the origin of feelings: are they coming from a place of your purpose, goals and vision or are the coming from externalities?

– 33:10 – How finding “emotional fitness” has impacted Laura’s work directly

– 36:00 – Laura Coe’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_:

– 36:13 – Get clear on where your goals are coming from

– 37:05 – Implement great habits

– 37:34 – Take a proactive approach to daily tasks and routines

– 38:15 – []( or

**7 Key Points:**

  1. We spend far too much time focusing on the physical aspects of our heath; devote some time to the emotional aspects.
  2. Connect with your _authentic-sel — Send in a voice message: