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Less Doing Special Episode #2 with Eben Pagan of Wake Up Productive

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# Special Episode 2


In InBetweenisode #2 Ari speaks with [Eben Pagan]( of _Wake Up Productive_. During their call, Eben shares his vision for the _Wake Up Productive Program_, while fielding questions about his entrepreneurial origins, his strategy for being efficient and his discovery of success.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 01:37 – Introduction of Eben Pagan

– 01:47 – How Eben got started as an entrepreneur

– 03:11 – Why Eben got started with a book on dating advice

– 04:30 – As he studied the dating/mating game for his own personal needs, Eben saw the potential for a real business opportunity

– 05:15 – Marketing, email funnels and the importance of getting information to people

– 06:45 – The next business _after _the dating advice book

– 07:10 – A dating advice platform

– 07:45 – A business advice platform

– 08:34 – How productivity became a point of emphasis for Eben

– 10:55 – Being a parent puts “productivity” in a whole new light

– 11:38 – Eben defines his morning routine

– 12:40 – Nailing the first meal of the day is a big piece

– 13:20 – 8 hours of high-quality sleep

– 13:40 – Water, exercise and high-quality supplemental meals

– 14:14 – What does Eben start his workday with?

– 14:44 – Working on the product/service

– 14:46 – Working on the marketing

– 14:52 – If you’re not working on product/service development or the marketing, you’re probably not being efficient with your time as it pertains to the business

– 15:12 – When most people come into the workspace, the first thing they do is answer messages and put out _other people’s _fires…this is not a good way to be efficient

– 16:20 – Eben only gets 4 _great _hours of productivity in any given day

– 18:00 – _The Wake-Up Productive Program_

– 20:30 – Eben defines his interaction with students in the program

– 22:22 – This program is slated toward entrepreneurial development and business growth

– 23:55 – Eben’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_:

– 24:15 – Your mind is state-dependent so finding the right _state of consciousness _for working and thinking is vital

– 25:51 – Envision your future once you have found the _right state of consciousness_ and simultaneously decide on what habit(s) you n — Send in a voice message: