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## Guest Luke Storey – [School of Style](

## Summary In this episode of the Less Doing Podcast, Ari and Nick spend some time with [Luke Storey](, founder of the School of Style and host of The Life Stylist Podcast. Luke is known as a rock star stylist who has successfully worked with Aerosmith, Kanye West, and The Foo Fighters, just to name a few. He is also a lifestyle coach who has dedicated years of his life to share strategies for healing and happiness with the world.

## Key Quote “Looking at life from the position of something other than your thoughts and feelings, to really disconnect from that—it’s invaluable.”

## What You’ll Learn

1. How Luke turned into a successful stylist from a homeless musician in Hollywood

2. The lifestyle of artists in late 80s to early 90s

3. What is School of Style and how it started

4. Peak Time vs. the Brain-Dead time

5. How outsourcing helped Luke focus on the more important tasks

6. The key to utilizing tools that can help run the business

7. The structure of the business when you work as a fashion stylist

8. How meditation increases productivity

9. Luke’s current and future guests on his podcasts

10. Luke’s Top Three Pieces of Advice to help you be more effective ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: