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# Episode 158


In Episode #158 Ari brings “part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker”, Marie Forleo of [MarieTV]( on to the Less Doing Podcast. During this energetic interview, Marie talks about her Jersey roots, Italian heritage and building a multimillion dollar brand from scratch.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

  • – 08:59 – Introduction of Marie Forleo, creator of [Marie TV](
  • – 09:23 – Marie got her start as a 23 year-old life coach and fitness video instructor
  • – 10:20 – The conventional wisdom that you have to choose one thing to “be” as an adult is wrong
  • – 13:30 – Ari used to teach a cardio class at his wife’s yoga studio
  • – 14:00 – If you don’t know how to laugh…learn how
  • – 15:05 – Many of us can be our own worst enemy
  • – 16:41 – The process of creation is NOT easy
  • – 17:05 – The act of creation is fun
  • – 17:43 – Make sure you’re doing at least a portion of your work for YOU
  • – 18:30 – When starting a business, profitability takes time to achieve
  • – 20:45 – There’s traditionally a lack of soulfulness in business training/teaching
  • – 22:38 – At her core, Marie is a natural teacher _and _student
  • – 23:55 – The more we can get into our bodies and avoid living from the neck up, the more creative and successful we can be
  • – 24:33 – Marie’s daily routine
  • – 25:05 – 10 minutes of meditation in the morning is a MUST
  • – 25:48 – Schedules and routines are great, but they need to be flexible
  • – 26:17 – Ride the rhythm of life
  • – 27:14 – Marie writes every single day, but not in a ritualistic way
  • – 29:55 – Learn how to shut out the distractions and just get your work DONE
  • – 30:33 – Marie’s dietary direction?—lots of water and lots of plants with dustings of dairy, carbs and alcohol
  • – 34:00 – Marie’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_
  • – 34:12 – Recognize that priorities equate to pros —

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