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Mark Podolsky – The Land Geek

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In Episode #191 Ari interviews Mark Podolsky of [The Land Geek](, a company that’s founded on land flipping and the development of passive income.

Tune in to hear Mark and Ari talk secrets to success and why all your entrepreneurial attention should be on moving the needle.

**Special Announcements:**

This week’s episode of the Less Doing Podcast is brought to you by [JustWorks](, an innovative company striving to make payroll, benefits, and compliance management a seamless and stress-free process.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 00:35 – Introduction of [JustWorks]( and Isaac Oats

– 00:55 – Nuts and bolts are the hardest part of HR for small companies

– 02:45 – Ari muses on Daylight Savings Time

– 33:56 – Introduction of Mark Podolsky of [The Land Geek](

– 34:11 – Mark Podolsky’s background

– 36:21 – The process of identifying properties

– 38:00 – Now Mark teaches Land Flipping

– 40:05 – Automation has become integral to Mark’s success

– 40:32 – The automation of the offer sending process is the keystone to Mark’s success

– 41:12 – Click to Mail

– 42:29 – Mark’s vetting process doubles as his marketing process

– 42:54 – Don’t worry about “generating traffic” just go to where the buyers are

– 43:58 – [The Death of Money](

– 44:50 — $6000 for a property and flipping it for $55K

– 46:37 – The course creation process

– 47:53 – Mark’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 48:05 – Take imperfect action

– 48:42 – Don’t recreate the wheel—respect your time

– 49:11 – Be aware of _everything_ you do—have your numbers DOWN

– 49:30 – “Playing Business” doesn’t move the needle—focus on what does

– 50:08 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t move the needle.

2. Respect your time.

3. Niche markets can be a highly lucrative (and easy) way to make money.

4. Don’t worry about traffic, just take yourself to where the buyers are.


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