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# Episode 163


In Episode #163 Ari interviews his much-appreciated meditation teacher Mary Meckley of [Sip and Om]( During the interview, Mary explains how her time working in corporate Japan led to her discovery of meditation, how that discovery led to a newfound love, and how that newfound love ultimately led to the birth of _Sip and Om_.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

  • – 10:25 – Introduction of Mary Meckley of [Sip and Om](
  • – 11:19 – Mary explains how she got into meditation
  • – 14:19 – Meditation creates new neural pathways in the brain
  • – 15:01 – Mary does not focus on one specific type of meditation
  • – 15:40 – Use whatever techniques you need to get there – there being a place of calm and mindfulness
  • – 16:17 – Have something to look forward to every day
  • – 16:40 – Meditation is about slowing downs and becoming self-aware
  • – 18:15 – How Mary lays out the weekly meditation schedule
  • -19:00 – Get outside and connect with the world…with nature…with your environment
  • – 20:26 – When one faces the elements everyday they become more capable of handling stress, anxiety, etc.
  • – 22:45 – The most important thing in meditation is to allow yourself to _transition_…you can’t just sit down and turn it on
  • – 25:20 – For most people, conducting a daily podcast would be a challenge but Mary enjoys it
  • – 25:28 – Make your meditation rough around the edges
  • – 26:23 – Consistency is important in meditative success
  • – 26:55 – The people that become the _best _meditators – that get the most out of mediation – are those with high-energy
  • – 28:16 – Mary’s sources of inspiration
  • – 30:14 – The more you learn, the more you’re obligated to do something with that knowledge
  • – 31:48 – [](

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Find something to look forward to every single day.
  2. People need to adapt themselves to the seasons – to the outside world – rather than just create a false level of “comfort” all the time.
  3. Meditation needs to be rough around the edges.
  4. Become a master of transition.
  5. Consistent meditation has been proven to create new neural pathways in the brain.
  6. Everyone needs a source of inspiration, but that source need not be grandiose.
  7. Exposure to the natural world helps us better understand (and ultimately control) things like anxiety and stress.

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