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Matthew Turner – Turndog Millionaire Interview

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In Episode #113 Ari sits down with author and brand storyteller [Mathew Turner]( to discuss how mistakes, when used properly, become launch-pads for success. During their chat, Matthew shares some of his most important mistakes, the associated lessons learned and the origins of _[The Successful Mistake](

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 17:34 – Introduction of Mathew Turner of _[Turndog](

– 18:13 – What it means to Matthew to be a storyteller

– 18:50 – Though he’s an author, Matthew’s background is in marketing

– 20:15 – Sharing the stories about a company’s people, ideals or heritage makes for effective marketing

– 20:48 – Defining the origins of _The Successful Mistake_

– 22:29 – It’s only a mistake if you refuse to acknowledge that it **_is_** one and fail to learn from it

– 23:20 – Matthew shares one of his bigger entrepreneurial mistakes

– 26:00 – Make sure you’re connected (aka “on the same page”) with your clients

– 27:30 – Avoid working with a client until you’ve put a process for doing business in place

– 28:43 – Communicating your needs and expectations effectively in a business partnership is hugely important

– 30:37 – Matthew defines his storytelling methodology

– 31:45 – In order to tell a brilliant brand story, you have to unearth the history of the people_behind_ the product or cause

– 32:49 – Matthew tends to work with manufacturers and builders more than any other type of client

– 34:13 – The future of _Turndog_…what’s next?

– 36:15 – Matthew’s Top 3 Tips to Be More Effective:

– 36:40 – Don’t overlook the value of _meeting people_…reach out and involve yourself in the lives of others

– 37:19 – It’s not about _quantity_, it’s about _quality_

– 38:04 – Always take a step back and ask yourself: “_Am I asking too much?_” and “_What can I give back?_”

– 39:31 – []( ** **

**7 Key Points:**

  1. Telling an effective story about the people behind the product makes for effective marketing.
  2. If you can acknowledge it and learn from it then it’s not a mistake…it’s a lesson.
  3. Establish a process for doing business before actually _doing_ it.
  4. Learn to communicate your needs _and _wants clearly and effectively
  5. Success in life is intertwined with your willingness to meet and connect with people.
  6. Quality will always trump quantity
  7. Don’t forget to give back; Ask how you can contribute to the lives of those around you and your community. ** **

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Snipboard]( – A keyboard app for the iPhone that can be filled with customized snippets.

– [ZANO]( – A Kickstarter campaign for an autonomous, intelligent drone for “selfies”

– [Werewolf]( – A party game designed for 7-20 people featuring various characters and roles.

– [Plan V]( – A Kickstarter campaign for a failsafe iPhone charger, possible the smallest portable iPhone charger ever.

– []( – Backup for your cloud based applications.

– []( – A company that will improve and correct the grammar on your emails. All reviews are done by a human user, not a bot.

– [Bondic]( – A plastic gel that can be used as a bonding agent…it requires UV light to set.

– [Carousel]( — Send in a voice message: