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Michael Bungay Stanier – Be a Coach

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[Michael Bungay Stanier]( is the author of [_The Coaching Habit_]( and [_Do More Great Work_]( He is also the Senior Partner at [Box of Crayons]( whose facilitators works with organizations, helping managers to learn how to coach.

Michael has worked with a diverse set of clients including the United Nations, The University Health Network, USAA and, Box. He is a sought after speaker regarding leadership and coaching and was named the first Canadian Coach of the Year. Michael shares the importance of being coach-like, being coachable, and how coaching can be the means to help people reach their goals. – Checkout Michael’s Haiku Competition!: [Box of Crayons](

– ## “How vulnerable are you willing to be?”

What You’ll Learn

1. How being more coach-like can help you be better

2. 7 good questions for being coach-like

3. How the book is a middle ground for being coach-like and wanting to be coached

4. Why Michael wrote the book and what crayons have to do with it

5. How to become coachable

6. The different types of coaches and how to find the one you need

7. How people can work hard and have big impact

8. The three different types of work

9. The resources that Michael offers

10. Michael’s top three pieces of advice:

11. Don’t start anything unless it scares you

12. Go all the way

13. Get better at saying “no”

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