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Noah Kagan – Launching Your Business Models Quickly

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[Noah Kagan]( is the founder of [KickFlip]( and [AppSumo](

Prior to founding his businesses, he was Employee #30 at [Facebook]( working as a product manager and later joined []( as the Director of Marketing. Listen as Noah shares why you need to launch as quickly as you can, the traits you should be honing, and the reason why you can never blame marketing for not selling.

Connect with Noah on his blog [OkDork]( or at [SumoMe](

## Key Quote “I think what I’ve done well and what worked for me is that I launched very quickly, and I keep iterating, very aggressively.”

What You’ll Learn

1. What KickFlip is and how Noah founded it

2. Why it’s helpful to launch quickly

3. From KickFlip to Gambit

4. Why resourcefulness and flexibility are important traits you should have

5. Practicing the challenge of asking for money

6. How to limit the amount of time you have

7. Why you cannot blame marketing when you don’t sell

8. Building your network

9. How Noah plans out his goals

10. Why Noah recommends having quarterly themes

11. Why you need to take more time to think things through

12. The importance of reviewing your previous week with an accountability partner

13. Why you need to spend more to save on time

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