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Our Centennial Episode

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# Episode 100 **Summary:** In Episode #100 Felix sits down to interview regular host and _Less Doing, More Living_ founder, Ari Meisel to celebrate the 100threcording of the _Less Doing_ podcast. During their discussion, Ari touches on his battle with Crohn’s disease, the origins of _Less Doing_ and how he facilitates success.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 03:40 – The _Less Doing_ podcast will no longer offer complete transcriptions

– 04:33 – The _Less Doing_ podcast will now provide annotated show notes and episode summaries

– 05:40 – Ari details his recent issues with Amazon

– 08:57 – In all likelihood, Ari will be using [Fetch]( moving forward as opposed to Amazon

– 35:55 – Interview begins with Ari detailing _how_ he got into_Less Doing_

– 37:00 – Less Doing is about helping people save time, reduce stress and better use their brain

– 39:20 – Auto-immune issues effect the body in many, many ways

– 39:45 – How Ari essentially cured himself from Chron’s disease

– 43:38 – Ari considers a vegetarian, fish-infused diet to be one of the healthiest if not the healthiest diets available

– 44:26 – The big kicker for the success of any diet?—High fat, low sugar.

– 44:55 – Avoiding pre-packaged and processed foods

– 46:33 – “You have to eat seasonally”

– 47:14 – _Perfection_ isn’t necessary for comprehensive dietary success, but eating right _90% of the time_ is key

– 47:40 – Bad foods are designed to be addictive

– 47:50 – Limiting variety is advantageous to finding dietary success

– 50:03 – Ari explains how he got into pushing productivity

– 51:57 – Ari explains how he got into coaching people

– 52:37 – [SkillShare’s]( role in helping _Less Doing _take flight

– 52:50 – The first EVER LessDoing class

– 55:08 – How Ari gets by with so few apps on his smartphone?

– 55:30 – The 4 folders of Ari’s smartphone home screen: productivity, utilities, audio/visual and home control

– 55:46 – The secret to reducing phone clutter is taking advantage of mobile site bookmarks—You don’t need the app!

– 57:35 – Why having a minimalist approach to apps is advantageous

– 58:00 – The importance of Evernote for helping Ari streamline life

– 60:30 – Clients, projects and the future of Less Doing

– 63:01 – Words of wisdom from previous podcast guests

– 63:14 – Successful Habit and Resource #1 – [Ben Greenfield]( – Recharge in the afternoon by taking a 20-40 minute powernap. Also, make workouts more effective by wearing a weighted vest and an elevation training mask (75:55)

– 64:30 – Successful Habit and Resource #2 – [Hal Elrod]( — Send in a voice message: