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Outsourcing Myths and Legends

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Today on the 411th episode of the Less Doing Podcast, we’re talking about outsourcing myths and legends. Most founders quickly find themselves trapped in the belief that they need to do everything themselves and that all the work needs to take place in-house. This in turn leads to us overworking ourselves, and also bringing in people to do things they’re not good at, instead of allowing them to focus on tasks that fall under their expertise.

Let me tell you the real truth: You should outsource parts of your business as much as possible so that each individual can be empowered to bring in their best and add more value to the organization.

The question we need to ask ourselves is that, on a scale of 1 to 10, how often do we trust others with tasks that fall outside our personal zone of genius?

Regardless of where we fall on the scale, the benefits of outsourcing cannot be overstated. When we outsource, we essentially transform our business into a bellows, thereby allowing us to expand and contract our business needs as per our convenience.

This is what enables our business to grow and move forward.

Several businesses fail not because of the lack of a good market, but because they tend to overextend themselves and make commitments they can’t fulfill. Therefore, in order to grow our business with as little stress as possible, outsourcing is essential. We can be agile, and move at a pace that’s comfortable to us.

For example, hiring writers or graphic designers for a particular project, but not having to have them around full-time, and just pay them for that particular project. A ‘just-in-time’ approach to your staff resources.

If we don’t outsource, our business is bound to fail at some point or another. We can hire outsourcers on a quick and affordable basis. Instead of going with a dedicated provider for every task, look for an on-demand service. This is what we need to keep up with the insane pace at which businesses run and grow in today’s world.

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