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# Episode 126


In Episode #126 Ari speaks with extreme athlete and [entrepreneur]( Peter Sage. During the podcast, Peter shares a number of things with Ari including his plans for 2015, his historical sources of inspiration and what he feels are the traits within each of us that ultimately lead to success.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 23:10 – Introduction of Peter Sage

– 23:30 – Peter Sage shares his background

– 24:59 – _The Danger Sports Club_

– 26:05 – Peter’s _first _running experience was the completion of a _half_ marathon in training for the London Marathon

– 28:07 – The Sahara Marathon

– 32:23 – How you play at anything is how you play at everything

– 33:05 – The lessons of the Sahara Marathon

– 34:20 – The breaking point

– 35:48 – The breaking point is where we get the biggest lessons in life

– 37:35 – Ego is _not _good enough…inspiration is what you need

– 38:13 – Ego forces you to go to gym at 5:30AM, inspiration _compels_ you to go to the gym

– 39:10 – Everyone is born good enough, no one needs to prove it

– 40:50 – Becoming a marksman

– 41:45 – _Poise_—If you can have a certain level of physical and mental self-control, then you have the foundation to learn and do _anything_

– 44:20 – Peter talks about what he’s excited about in 2015

– 44:42 – Dedicate his entire focus on helping people and sharing his message

– 45:43 – We have a thinking center and we have a feeling center; most people’s minds are run by their thinking center

– 45:49 – The mind is a great tool, a great servant but a lousy master

– 46:15 – Understand the importance of the _feeling_ center and the ability to recognize what feels good versus what doesn’t

– 47:20 – There are two ways to engage with life:

– 47:25 – Same old same old

– 48:14 – Live inspired

– 48:55 – Peter’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective:_

– 49:12 – Take control of your mind, learn how to concentrate

– 50:36 – Whatever you can automate in your life; _automate_

– 51:26 – Surround yourself with an environment that supports what you want; set yourself up to win

– 53:10 – or

**7 Key Points:**

  1. How you do, think, approach _anything_ is how you do so with _everything_.
  2. Inspiration is better than ego as a source of motivation.
  3. People are born good enough, they just need to realize it and appreciate it.
  4. Acquisition of mental and physical control is — Send in a voice message: