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Episode 95 Summary: In Episode #95, Ari has an opportunity to sit down with Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneursand founder of CommitAction. The interview gives Ari the chance to ask pointed questions about the characteristics of entrepreneurs and the most common pitfalls befalling them. Peter provides valuable insights in his responses, touching on the importance of everything from timing to accountability.

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• 10:47 – Introduction to Peter Shallard

• 11:00 – How Peter became the shrink for entrepreneurs

• 12:23 – What are the most common things Peter encounters with entrepreneurs

• 13:17 – Entrepreneurs have massive expectations for themselves; they are relentlessly driven

• 15:18 – Managing fear

• 15:35 – Everyone has fear, but it’s what the individual does with that fear

• 17:17 – Work-life balance and work-life integration

• 18:22 – If you don’t have balance, if your mind can’t unravel, you cannot spot the monumental moments for getting ahead

• 19:18 – At some point, more busyness and more hard work, will not equate to success

• 20:15 – The habits and rituals Peter tries to instill in his clients to help them succeed

• 20:32 – Introduction of CommitAction

• 23:08 – Peter describes his weekly schedule for success

• 26:25 – Timing is everything for making a successful schedule

• 26:37 – Peter explains how he helps people find the their timing

• 28:16 – If frustrated with productivity habits, reverse your schedule for 7 days to brake yourself of current patterns

• 29:12 – The top 3 personal tips to help people be more effective

◦ 29:50 – Specificity – Set goals that are neither too broad nor too specific

◦ 30:55 – Measurement – If you don’t measure something, you cannot change it

◦ 33:17 – Accountability – Entrepreneurship is a lonely path, find ways to stack multiple layers of accountability to promote human interaction and goal delivery

• 38:18 – and

7 Key Points:

1. Frequently, entrepreneurs have massiveexpectations and too many priorities

2. Fear is a given, but it’s what the individualdoes with fear that makes the difference

3. Work-life integration is essential for entrepreneurial success

4. Sooner or later, busyness and hard work will no longer facilitate success

5. Create a weekly schedule to visualize a path to success

6. Timing is an essential component of finding the right opportunity and intelligent schedule design

7. Specificity, measurement and accountability are indispensable if you want to be effective Resources Mentioned:

• Peter Shallard ( – The psychologist for entrepreneurs

• CommitAction ( – A system designed to help people obtain the motivational leverage to achieve their business success

• Dawn Simulation ( – A study showing how stimulating dawn and natural light helped people improve their day

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