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[Peter Shallard]( is the founder and CEO of [Commit Action]( Known as the shrink for entrepreneurs, Peter started as a psychotherapist working with people who had mental health problems before he directed his focus towards working with business people. His passion is working with for-profit businesses that aim to make a positive impact. Listen as Peter shares his thoughts about setting goals, the importance of accountability, and the urgency in achieving it.

**What You’ll Learn:**

– How Peter became the shrink for entrepreneurs through his practice as a psychotherapist

– What his clients mainly talk to him about (ex. business partnerships)

– Peter’s advice for those who are working with partners

– How Commit Action came about

– What Commit Action can do for your business and your personal goals and how it gives you accountability

– The coach sets milestones based on your timeframe and you will have weekly rituals to track your development

– How accountability coaches help you achieve your goals through a sense of urgency

– What Peter, Nick, and Ari do that complements each other

– How the key is to NOT be consumed with just business – Peter’s top three pieces of advice to be more effective:

– Stack many layers of accountability in your life

– Break down your goals into the smallest possible steps

– Deadlines are really important

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