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Petteri Lahtela – The Oura Ring Creator on Listening to Your Body

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[]( – Coupon Code: leverage [Petteri Lahtela]( is the CEO and co-founder of [Ōura](, the first wellness ring and app.

Petteri is a serial entrepreneur with over 21 years of experience in creating hi-tech products and building international businesses. His strengths include improving profits, leadership and management across several cultures and business disciplines, as well as business creation and development.

Listen as Petteri discusses The Ōura Ring and how it can help better your mental and physical performance by assessing how your body responds to your current lifestyle.

## Key Quote ##

“Our passion is for people to understand how unique they are and how they can keep up with their performance.”

What You’ll Learn

1. What the Ōura ring can do for your health and wellbeing0

2. How the Ōura ring work

3. Why the Ōura ring is an innovative product

4. Why it is important to get the data of pulse amplitude in different sleep stages

5. The data the Ōura ring assesses from you

6. The three different versions of the Ōura rings

7. The future for Ōura ring

8. The features of the Ōura ring (ex. waterproof)

9. Where the core team of Ōura is located.

10. The top three pieces of advice from Petteri Lahtela:

11. People are unique

12. Small changes in life and daily routines can affect performance—mentally and physically

13. People can realize their passion by how their body responds to their lifestyle Less Doing Podcast Resources – [](

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