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Scotty Studer – Author of Small Changes, Big Results

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## Guest Scotty Studer – author of [Small Changes, Big Results](

## Summary In this episode, Ari and Nick get to know Scotty Studer, IT guy turned successful and health-conscious author. Scotty worked happily in the IT field for years until one day, his sedentary lifestyle (and the weigh that came with it) caught him off guard.

He realized he needed to make a chance to live a healthier, happier, more energy-laden life. Through trial and error, Scotty developed a system for self-improvement he realized he needed to share with the world. That system was the foundation for a new book, which helps people make small changes that drive BIG results.

## Key Quote “Find a way to take a bite-sized chunk of something instead of jumping into something too big.”

## What You’ll Learn

1. How Scotty came to the realization he needed to improve his health.

2. The catalyst for his book, when he shifted his lifestyle and started tracking his weight, exercise, and sleep.

3. The premise for [Small Changes, Big Results](, and what you can do to see significant shifts in your life.

4. Scotty’s daily routine that keeps him on track to accomplish his goals.

5. The 26 Principle, a tool to provide you and your spouse a little financial freedom every day.

6. The benefits of proactive scheduling.

7. Scotty’s job in the information technology world.

8. Where you can find Scott’s book.

9. A few simple practices that you can use RIGHT NOW to have a healthier, more fulfilling life. ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: