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Seth Godin – Meetings are a Festival to Avoid Responsibility

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In Episode #213 Ari welcomes [Seth Godin](, a man who needs no introduction. (Find his blog by typing “Seth G” into Google.) Seth’s a bestselling author, speaker, thinker and doer.

Listen as he and Ari talk about becoming more productive, why bigger isn’t better, and how to move past your fear and start _doing the work_.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

– 14:30 – Welcoming Seth to the show

– 15:41 – “Where we live is a state of mind”

– 17:40 – Eliminate meetings

– 19:30 – “Meetings are a festival to avoid responsibility”

– 21:10 – Don’t be busy to be busy

– 21:50 – “It can be entirely appropriate to be a meaningful specific”

– 23:00 – “Just because it’s important to you, doesn’t mean it should be on my agenda”

– 23:20 – Seth writes every day

– 24:50 – Writing forces you to have a point of view. That makes you meaningful.

– 25:50 – “A freelancer gets paid when she works. An entrepreneur builds a business bigger than herself”

– 27:00 – Seth is currently a freelancer – “I do all the work I get paid for”

– 27:40 – “You can’t do both at once…decide what you’re good at”

– 31:10 – “It doesn’t scale – so what? Bigger doesn’t have to be better”

– 33:10 – Seth sees his job as noticing and engaging with patterns

– 34:30 – “I’m always writing with my head and sometimes I’m writing with my fingers”

– 35:20 – Productivity tips help. But 90% is merely _doing the work_.

– 37:40– _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– Commit to ongoing education. Learn how to engage, connect, think and speak.

– Create a culture around you that reinforces the effectiveness you seek.

– Commit to strategy, not tactics. – [](

Key Points:

1. Entrepreneurs create something bigger than themselves. Freelancers turn themselves into something big. You can’t be both at once.

2. _Do the work_. Write every day. Learn how to connect, engage, and make change happen. It’s as simple – simple, not easy – as that

3. Eliminate meetings. Communicate by email or one-on-one.

4. Look for truth, even when it’s difficult and frightening. Notice the world. Decide what kind of person you want to be.

Resources Mentioned: – [Enflux](

– A suit that gives real-time feedback on your workout form – [Cola](

– A text app that lets you carry out tasks like surveys – in one message – [Video Slam](

– Make a movie from photos and videos in your camera roll – [Keezel](

– Access American web content when you’re out of the country – [The Leader](

– Feedback on satisfaction and leadership – [If You’re A Real Grownup Minivans Are Cool](

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