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Special Podcast #1 with Justin Mendelson of The Perfect Burpee

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# **Summary:** In Special Episode #1 Ari sits down with Justin Mendelson of _[The Perfect Burpee](, a revolutionary new personal exercise mat designed to help serious athletes get the most out of their workouts. During the call Ari asks Justin about the concept behind The Perfect Burpee and the difficulties in starting a small, production-based business.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 01:57 – Introduction of Justin Mendelson

– 02:12 – Justin defines [HackFit](

– 03:55 – The origins of The Perfect Burpee

– 05:10 – Yoga mats are not conducive to high-intensity training

– 05:37 – Explaining what makes The Perfect Burpee _better _than other exercise mats available

– 08:20 – To evaluate mat materials for The Perfect Burpee, Justin did a number of things:

– 08:30 – He ordered every single variety of yoga mat available on

– 09:25 – He contacted a number of Asian manufacturing firms to see what materials they had available

– 09:45 – [Panjiva](; a website designed to allow consumers to look up the overseas manufacturer of any domestically sold product

– 10:30 – Panjiva was ultimately the resource that enabled Justin to expedite his material research

– 11:20 – The process of actually getting the mats manufactured

– 12:58 – The mats are manufactured in Taiwan

– 13:03 – Justin explains the very practical reason behind his decision to set up a Kickstarter campaign

– 14:05 – To do the Kickstarter process well, planning is necessary

– 14:38 – Self-imposed development constraints helped The Perfect Burpee get off the ground with minimal, pre-Kickstarter investment

– 15:00 – Self-imposed restraints also fostered creativity

– 15:35 – Making the prototype and using it to test the consumer market

– 16:25 – Justin used free coupons for Google AdWords and Facebook AdWords to get the most out of their _insanely_ thin starting budget

– 17:44 – The price-point of a Kickstarer is unbelievably important; it can make or break the campaign

– 17:55 – Conduct a pricing analysis to make sure the price-point is competitive

– 21:33 – The Perfect Burpee Kickstarter launches on 1/14/2015

– 22:10 – The opening 24 hours of any Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign are the most important

– 25:05 – Hitting the funding goal is key to having a successful Kickstarter; it acts as a positive feedback loop

– 26:40 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

  1. Find a way to make your passion a business.
  2. Panjiva is an incredible resource for anyone interested in figuring out where products are made overseas.
  3. The key to having a successful Kickstarter campaign is intelligent planning.
  4. Find the right price-point for the product being sold, otherwise customers will look elsewhere.
  5. To ensure your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign is a success, set a modest funding goal and do everything possible to make sure the first 24-hours are

**_BIG_**! **Credits:** – Music and Audio Editing provided by [Felix Bird]( – Show Notes provided by [Mike Rossi]( ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: