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**Summary:** In Episode

#168 Ari speaks with Steve J. Martin, master of persuasion and Co-Author of [The small BIG]( During this interview, Ari and Steve cover the science of persuasion, the importance of ethics and the paradox of neutrality.

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##Fuel the Fire Come watch Ari light-up the Drake Hotel in Chicago on Wednesday, August 5th as he delivers a rousing keynote speech for IPPA Business Excellence Conference: _Fuel the Fire_. This will be a great opportunity to watch Ari translate the lessons of Less Doing into terms business leaders can take to the bank.

##[Rockefeller Roundtable]( Come watch Ari regale a roundtable of avid [Helm Society]( listeners with the lessons of Less Doing on September 9th from 10AM to 2PM in New York City.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 13:57 – Introduction of Steve J. Martin of

– 14:48 – How Steve got started in the art of persuasion

– 15:15 – Measuring the skill of sales teams

– 16:14 – Sometimes success is all about being in a good place at the right time

– 17:04 – There is no neutrality with influence and persuasion

– 17:38 – Be honest, be ethical

– 18:58 – Our response to being manipulated isn’t to the tactic used, it’s to the manipulator

– 21:43 – We want more of the things we can have less of

– 22:33 – Scarcity confers value

– 24:18 – Typically, following what others like us have done is an efficient way to make decisions

– 24:37 – Find shortcuts to make less decisions

– 26:40 – Beware of testimonials

– 28:12 – Knowing the principles of persuasion doesn’t empower you to avoid them

– 29:25 – Steve’s upcoming projects

– 31:04 – Small tweaks can lead to big effects

– 35:07 – What makes people _want _to give online businesses their contact information

– 35:23 – The give and take effect

– 37:19 – Steve’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 37:35 –Understand and learn the 3 keys of human motivation

– 38:48 – Do not dismiss the power of small things

– 39:45 – Be human

– 41:21 – [Science and persuasion](

**7 Key Points:**

1. Find shortcuts to make fewer decisions.

2. Small changes can have massive impact.

3. Scarcity convers value.

4. We live in an information age—we do not live in a knowledge age.

5. Never lose sight of your humanity.

6. Luck plays a role in everything.

7. Be honest and ethical.

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Timeagram](

– Enables users to schedule their post to Instagram – [Retroospect](

– Walks users through their previous work week to determine the best days and times for productivity, etc. – [99u](

– The four types of productivity styles – [19 Go-To Foods for a Healthy Pantry](

– From Ben Greenfield fitness, 19 foods to live a happier, healthier life – [Best Conditions for a Unicorn](

– From Tech Crunch, an article highlighting the best conditions to create a “unicorn” of a company – [Handwriting.IO](

– A programming API that provides digital handwriting – [Breathometer](

– An Indigogo campaign, a device designed to measure oral health – [Counsyl](

– A family-prep service to help people who want

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