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# Summary: In Episode

#166 Ari interviews [Stu McLaren](, co-creator of the [WishList Member](, one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins of all time. During their conversation, Ari and Stu talk about getting clear on _real _wants, the nuances of entrepreneurship and the secret to running a _great _membership site.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 16:00 – Introduction of [Stu McLaren](, Co-Creator of the best-selling WordPress Plug-in [WishList Member](

– 17:00 – Stu shares his story

– 18:00 – The first digital product Stu ever sold was an e-book

– 19:30 – The importance of buying ads and investing in traffic

– 19:59 – Stu’s #1 strength?—Positivity

– 20:44 – Stu’s first digital sale? $7.95

– 22:00 – That $7.95 cost Stu nearly $900

– 22:29 – Fast-forward a few years the truth comes out—Stu’s brother was actually responsible for that first sale

– 23:40 – One simple act can have lasting and majorly impactful consequences

– 24:05 – We all start somewhere

– 24:30 – The small things DO make a huge difference

– 25:37 – The profit margins with online business are greater than almost any other business someone can get into

– 26:45 – Stu started WishList out of personal necessity, not burning desire or passion

– 27:50 – See a problem, create a solution, a business is born

– 29:53 – Whenever you’re creating a product that is going to fulfill your needs, focus on what would make it “super awesome” for you—then find other people it can be adapted to

– 31:30 – [Essentialism]( and [The One Thing](

– 32:06 – Whenever you’re looking at different opportunities, get clear on _how _you’re going to rank those opportunities—you need to clearly outline your criterion

– 33:55 – Mental bandwidth is your most valuable commodity

– 37:15 – If you have a big or even modest following, find a way to monetize it

– 39:09 – Stu shares his key advice for a membership site

– 39:34 – Get REAL clear on what your audience wants

– 41:25 – Batch create your content

– 41:33 – Do NOT provide your members with too much content

– 41:53 – Value isn’t in the volume of content, it is in content that can drive the results sought

– 43:18 – Do not avoid planning—if you do, everything will become _reactive_

– 44:17 – Stu’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 44:27 – Get clear on what matters most

– 46:54 – Create and design your life _around _what matters most

– 47:43 – Be generous

**7 Key Points:**

1. Mental bandwidth is your most valuable commodity.

2. See a problem. Solve a problem. Now you have a business.

3. Everyone starts somewhere and it’s usually somewhere way down at the bottom.

4. The small things really can have the biggest impact.


6. Focus on what your customers WANT and be mindful of how you provide it to them.

7. Do not avoid planning—Take the time to plan. It pays dividends.

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** – [Ztailo — Send in a voice message: