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Taki Moore – The Mind and Methods of Coaching a Coach

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In this episode, Ari interviews Taki Moore, the founder of Million Dollar Coach. Taki “coaches coaches to be better coaches” and provides a practical framework to guide them in developing a scalable business that showcases their talents. A Coach for Coaches If you run any sort of coaching business, you do not want to miss this episode! Hear Taki share some of his best advice, techniques, and tools for creating a business and a life that is sustainable, profitable, and fulfilling.

A Business Framework that Works for Everyone One of the many benefits Taki provides to his clients is a framework for growing their coaching business regardless of the type of coaching they do. In this episode, Taki explains how he developed this framework and the importance of it being content agnostic to enable it to work for any type of business. You Don’t Have to be a Technology Whiz to Have a Successful Business Many people might think that you have to be exceptionally tech-savvy in order to have a successful business in today’s marketplace.

However, Taki proves that this is not true. Hear him share the way he does business and the analog tools he uses in this episode. Outline of the Show:

[0:27] – Ari opens the show and introduces his guest, Taki Moore.

[2:25] – Taki shares what his business does and why.

[5:19] – Taki explains where his content-agnostic framework came from and how it was developed.

[7:00] – Ari talks about Taki’s method for planning a whole year of content at once and how he is using it in his own business.

[10:37] – Taki believes that it’s simple to be successful when you’re using the right framework.

[11:14] – Taki shares how he got started in the coaching business.

[15:40] – Taki explains his three areas of focus and why these are important to him.

[18:24] – Million Dollar Coach is an entirely distributed team. Taki shares what this looks like and why it works best for his business.

[20:03] – Ari loves the different touchpoints Taki has with his clients, but he’s surprised that none of them are automated. Taki explains why he does things this way.

[22:10] – Ari talks about the recent call he had with Taki and why it was so effective.

[24:55] – Taki explains the “3 Quicks”.

[27:05] – Ari and Taki discuss the importance of a specific call-to-action.

[28:43] – Taki shares the two things that help him do his best work.

[30:45] – Taki explains what his typical day looks like.

[34:02] – Taki gives his top three pieces of advice for being more productive.

[39:58] – Listeners can find Taki’s new podcast at and read his blog and find other resources at

[40:44] – Ari thanks Taki and closes the show. Resources mentioned: []( If you enjoyed this episode of the Less Doing podcast and want even more tips for improving your productivity, join our community on [Slack]( or [Facebook]( ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: