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Taylor Pearson – Complex Work is What Moves Us

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In Episode #206 Ari welcomes Taylor Pearson, author of [The End of Jobs]( one of the most highly rated books of 2015.

Listen as Ari and Taylor talk about our transition away from a service based economy to an entrepreneurial economy, and the monumental significance of addressing the bottlenecks in your business.

**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 27:44 – Introduction of Taylor

– 28:00 – Taylor shares his background

– 28:44 – The new life script thanks to automation and outsourcing

– 29:55 – What people can extract from Taylor’s book—[The End of Jobs](

– 30:11 – Automation and outsourcing

– 31:50 – Safe and secure careers are not safe and secure anymore

– 32:13 – There is always ONE bottleneck—if you don’t clear the limit, you’re wasting resources

– 35:10 – Complex work is what moves us forward—work without clear outcomes is how we find true success

– 35:45 – Definition is the hardest thing

– 36:08 – Can you figure out what’s worth doing and can you figure out how to do it?

– 36:29 – [OmWriter](

– 37:48 – How Taylor arranges his day

– 38:40 – _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective:_

– Mediate – Establish and hold to a morning ritual – Have more structured, non-work social time

– 41:11 – [](

**3 Key Points:**

1. If work is constantly creeping into all aspects of your life, establish structured social times where you _can’t_ work.

2. There is a bottleneck in every business—any resources you dedicate that don’t address that bottleneck are being wasted.

3. Agrarian economy à industrial economy à service economy à we are not in the Entrepreneur Economy

**Resources Mentioned:**

– [Hack your Stress]( – Using sex—Yay!

– [Lose weight with cake?](

– From the Washington Post, and article talking about weight loss and cake – [Get Movi](

– Gives the illusion of having multiple cameras at an event

– [Cultivating Serendipity](

– Take 10 minutes to space out after finishing some intense activity – [Reginald](

– Automated passive aggressive emails

– [Optimal Energy Measurement](

– From Fast Company, how to measure optimal energy

– [Thermo](

– A bad ass thermometer

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– Audio Production by [Chris Mottram](

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