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Teemu Arina – You are NOT What You Eat

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# Episode 223 Summary: In Episode #223 Ari and Nick share a presentation from biohacker extraordinaire and leader for the Biohacker Summit, [Teemu Arina](

Listen and Teemu highlights the biggest misconceptions surrounding biohacking, important secrets for maximum benefit from biohacking, and why you are NOT simply what you eat.

Time-stamped Show Notes

– 10:05 – Teemu Welcoming Dr. Anthony Beck to the show

– 10:49 – Biohacking is a slow process

– 12:00 – The three chapters of Teemu’s book

– 13:09 – Biohacking is your aspiration of what you want to become in the future

– 14:10 – As a biohacker, you can’t help anyone else _until_ you help yourself.

– 15:30 – You are NOT what you eat, you ARE what you absorb.

– 18:04 – Most people have no idea what’s best for their body

– 19:26 – Talking about blood analysis

– 20:30 – Understand the _aspects_ of the food you eat, not just the food—there are SO many variables

– 22:40 – Talking increased risks and absorption deficiencies

– 23:32 – The official Vitamin D recommendation for people in Finland

– 24:57 – Vitamin D impacts more than 200 genes

– 26:55 – The top 10 sustainable foods are responsible for 90% of the world’s food intake and that’s problematic

– 28:44 – When choosing greens, the darker the better

– 29:10 – If you’re micronutrient deficient your whole life, your body will start harvesting those nutrients from your organs

– 31:50 – Processed meats aren’t inherently a bad thing…again, it depends on the quality markers, on the fundamental ingredients—sausage isn’t inherently bad, it depends on how it was made and what it was made with

– 36:11 – Figure out your genome, figure out your diet, figure out your feces

– 36:46 – You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach?—that’s your brain impacting your gut, so—naturally—the gut can do the opposite…influence the brain

– 38:32 – ONE antibiotic prescription can destroy more than 30% of your gut bacteria

– 39:37 – Get rid of Teflon pans

– 42:15 – The SECRET ingredient to a magical smoothie?—the avocado, it is the PERFECT food

– 45:22 – If you’re a coffee drinker, only drink coffee that’s been roasted recently

– 46:15 – Sitting in a chair all day MURDERS your metabolism

– 49:50 – Measure cortisol levels from saliva

– 50:20 – Drinking too much in the evening kills the body’s ability to reduce stress through a good night’s sleep

– 53:25 – Meditation is a great tool for lowering your resting heart rate

– 54:02 – Talking about [MUSE](

– 54:18 – Sleep is paramount for peak human performance

– 56:10 – Seriously consider purchasing an air purifier for your bedroom

– 57:24 – Avoid blue light prior to bed

– 59:00 – Biohacking always starts with _intention_

– 59:50 – If you want to stack the odds in your favor during the game of life, biohacking is the way to do it Key Points:

1. Biohacking is the master key to unlocking every secret of your potential.

2. You are NOT what you eat, you are what you ABSORB.

3. Antibiotics are obviously important to human healthy, but be cognizant that 1 standard prescription is enough to wipe out 30% of your gut bacteria.

Resources Mentioned: – [Spacious]( – A company that is converting empty restaurants into co-working spaces – [Biohacking Book]( – Buy a great book in biohacking (Discount code LESSDOING) – [Data Wallet]( – If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em—an app that lets people sell their data – [Message Us](

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