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In Episode #183 Ari interviews Tero Isokauppila of [Four Sigma Foods](, a company dedicated to making medicinal mushrooms more popular in the United States. Listen as Ari and Tero take a deep-dive in the fun and surprisingly healthy world of fungi.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 13:42 – Introduction of Tero Isokauppila of [Four Sigma Foods](, a company that makes dietary supplements using mushroom extracts

– 14:02 – Tero talks about the Nordic history with foraging mushrooms and berries

– 15:00 – Why people (at least in the United States) aren’t overly interested in mushrooms

– 15:30 – People are scared of fungi just like they’re scared of bacteria because there has been an excessive focus on the negative rather than positive properties

– 16:30 – Half of the best selling drugs in the world are based on fungi

– 16:45 – The healthiest mushrooms are tree mushrooms which are bitter

– 18:07 – There are 6x more variety of fungi on the planet than plants

– 18:55 – Almost all poisonous mushrooms are ground mushrooms

– 19:25 – Medicinal (tree mushrooms) versus Nutritional/Culinary (ground mushrooms)

– 21:21 – The Four Sigma Foods extraction method—mushrooms consist of water-soluble compounds and fat-soluble compounds

– 23:05 – Reishi is the most popular medicinal mushroom—“The Queen of the Mushrooms”

– 23:25 – Well known for its ability to improve the microbiome and act as an anti-histamine

– 24:19 – Lion’s Mane is also a great mushroom to try—it acts as a nootropic

– 24:46 – Mushroom Coffee

– 25:57 – Micro-toxins are actually mushrooms themselves

– 28:25 – Temperature as related to drinking mushroom-based drinks

– 31:25 – Mushrooms Four Sigma Foods would like to add to their inventory in the future

– 32:30 – Turkey Tail Mushrooms are the easiest to find in the US and are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory

– 33:22 – Tero’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_:

– 33:33 – Hydration

– 34:10 – Breathing

– 34:58 – Constantly try one new thing

– 35:50 – [](

**5 Key Points:**

1. Mushrooms have astounding anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and positive microbial properties.

2. Microtoxins are actually mushrooms.

3. The Turkey Tail Mushroom is the most prevalent mushroom in the United States and has a variety of positive properties.

4. Much like bacteria, fungi have gotten a bad rap—people focus on the negative without considering the positive.

5. When it comes to safety and medicinal relevance, tree mushrooms (as opposed to ground) can’t be beaten.

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