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**Summary:** In Episode

#171 Ari invites Timo Ahopelto of [The Human Charger]( onto the Less Doing Podcast to talk about the oft overlooked role of light in our daily lives. Listen as Ari and Timo discuss the measurable impact artificial light can have on seasonal depression, jet-lag, and sleep.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 13:20 – Introduction of Timo Ahopelto, creator of [The Human Charger](

– 14:18 – Ari’s thank you to Timo and personal testament to the product

– 14:53 – The origins of The Human Charger

– 16:03 – Timo explains what The Human Charger is, how it works and how it looks

– 17:27 – The trick is getting the light _inside _your ear where the specific cells and proteins reside from making us feel “awake”

– 18:06 – Why The Human Charger uses a 12-minute light dose

– 19:35 – The risk of The Human Charger is using it _incorrectly _which can completely throw off your schedule

– 20:00 – The sun dominates everything we do on Earth

– 20:14 – Jet lag is a result of non-natural living conditions

– 21:00 – It’s extremely important to take the charger at the right times

– 22:17 – When flying due east, use The Human Charger in the morning hours of your destination

– 22:25 – When flying due west, use the Charger in the evening hours of your destination

– 23:50 – The Human Charger can be used for Seasonal Depression Disorder

– 26:10 – Convenience and ease of use are _key _elements of successful product development

– 27:50 – Shift workers – particularly night shift workers – struggle from stress and other diseases directly related to their inability to consistently sleep

– 29:19 – Timo’s _Top 3 Tips to be More Effective_

– 30:05 – Be extremely selective in what you do

– 30:40 – Take one task on at a time and do it to completion

– 31:07 – Unfinished projects are productivity killers

– 32:15 – [Get the Human Charger on Amazon]( exclusive Less Doing Promotional Code: LESS10HC

**7 Key Points:**

1. Products change, but the human need they fulfill never changes.

2. Don’t make habits punitive.

3. Habits are hard to form because – more often than note – we don’t like what we’re doing.

4. Addictions – by definition – are bad—there are no good addictions.

5. Ask yourself what you’d do if money was not an object.

6. Don’t waste time doing tasks your attention and time don’t deserve.

7. Find a great life partner and hold on to them.

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