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# Episode 123


In Episode #123 Ari sits down with peak-performance guru Todd Herman of _[The Peak Athlete]( During their conversation, Ari and Todd talk about what makes for a winning mindset on (and off) the field, as well as the importance of creating an effective feedback loop.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 34:13 – Introduction of Todd Herman, founder of _[The Peak Athlete](

– 34:30 – Todd and root beer

– 36:14 – What makes a _good _root beer

– 37:15 – Todd explains how he get into the “mindset” business

– 40:05 – The most prevalent stumbling block for athletes and professionals is…

– 40:25 – Caring what other people think; fear of judgment and criticism

– 41:30 – The difference between working with professional athletes and entrepreneurs/high-level executives

– 43:30 – The “work mode” versus the “non-work mode”

– 44:05 – Why _authenticity _is a fallacy

– 45:14 – Todd’s meta-model for sports in general

– 45:19 – There are fundamental principles that weave through every sport

– 45:40 – Todd doesn’t tell his clients how to be more _skilled _at their sport, he tells them how to subtract, delete and remove the unnecessary

– 47:10 – _Sweethearts _cannot exist in sports; a killer-instinct is needed

– 48:40 – Todd’s coaching style is like being thrown into a washing machine

– 49:30 – _Motivation is a you-thing, it’s not a me-thing_

– 49:50 – Asking people the _why _questions are the questions that get to the root of desire; _why _questions are the “well-diggers”

– 51:05 – Goals-setting

– 51:25 – _90-days is the horizon line for the mind_

– 53:05 – People are _great _at sticking to their goals when they have feedback loops that are closed frequently

– 53:20 – If the feedback loops are too long, we get distracted and lose focus

– 53:40 – Stack “wins” on top of each other…the bigger your stack, the more confidently you will play

– 54:40 – People who have something going for themselves already are the ideal client for Todd

– 56:30 – Todd’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_:

– 56:39 – Reflect back

– 57:29 – Be honest about where you are today

– 58:24 – Get _great _at setting up 90-day sprints (goals) for yourself

– 59:00 –

– 59:30 – Ari recaps his Less Doing live event

**7 Key Points:**

  1. The most prevalent stumbling block for people?—Caring what others thing.
  2. Authenticity is a fallacy.
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