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Tony Wrighton – Using NLP for Better Persuasiveness and to Hack Your Life

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Tony Wrighton is one of those guys who is talented in a number of areas. You may know him best from his role on Sky Sports, or perhaps from his podcast, Zestology. Tony loves to study the issue of human performance and is also a licensed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. This episode features Ari’s conversation with Tony about NLP, how it can be used to be more persuasive, and what you can do to apply NLP practices to your own life. It’s an intriguing conversation that is definitely worth your time.

There’s nothing worse than a bad NLPer. ~ Tony Wrighton As Ari and his guest, Tony Wrighton chatted about NLP, Ari asked what makes NLP persuasion techniques different than flat-out manipulation. Tony responded that every form of communication, in some way, is a form of manipulation – but it’s how you go about it and the motives behind it that make all the difference. He said NLP can definitely be misused in that regard. In his words, “There’s nothing worse than a bad NLPer.” You can learn how Tony uses NLP practices to encourage others and empower his own life, in this conversation.

A simple example of NLP persuasion in communication, on this episode. Tony Wrighton demonstrated how NLP can be applied to everyday conversations through the use of the word “might” when making a request. “Dear, I wonder if you might bring me a cup of coffee?” Tony says the insertion of “might” into the sentence softens the request so that it sounds less like a command and more of a kind-hearted request. Psychologically, that kind of request falls more gracefully on the thoughts of the hearer and raises fewer objections. It’s a simple technique that is second nature to Tony by now. You can hear more examples of how NLP can be used to increase the effectiveness of your daily communication, on this episode.

Energy levels and happiness can increase by unplugging. At the end of every episode of Leverage Ari asks his guests for their top 3 tips for increased productivity. Today’s guest, Tony Wrighton said that he’s noticed a greater degree of happiness and energy in his own life by turning off his phone for at least 2 hours every day. Can you imagine what it might be like to have NO notifications ringing in your ear for a portion of every day? If not, you might need to try what Tony’s suggesting. Tony shares some insightful tips from his experience as an NLP coach and broadcaster, on this episode of Leverage.

Tracking things tangibly is one of the best ways to know what to tweak in your life. We’ve all been at the point in life where we know something needs to change, but we’re not sure exactly what it is. One of the ways Tony Wrighton suggests discovering where to make the incremental tweaks in your life is to tangibly track things, using a spreadsheet. Sleep, exercise, nutrition, and many other aspects of personal life can be logged in ways that enable you to know exactly what’s going on in your life and how it correlates to increased or decreased energy levels, mental clarity, and other vital things for performance. Be sure you listen to this episode to hear Tony’s tips.

Outline of This Episode

– [0:03] Ari’s introduction of Tony and how he got into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing).

– [1:55] How NLP plays out practically in language and interactions.

– [3:20] The difference between persuasion and manipulation – and how NLP persuades.

– [6:14] How Tony has integrated NLP practices into his sportscasting.

– [7:31] The use of performance tracking/NLP to help people gain more self-awareness.

– [12:00] Tips for NLP-ing yourself

– [14:20] Tony’s top 3 pieces of advice for being more productive.

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