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In this episode, Ari interviews Trivinia Barber, the founder of [Priority VA]( Priority VA provides dedicated Virtual Assistants with the skills and flexibility needed to handle anything from routine administrative tasks to more complex business and marketing initiatives. In this episode, Trivinia and Ari discuss the joys and challenges of running a VA company, what separates a good VA from a great VA, and how people can utilize a VA in the most effective manner.

**Common Misconceptions About a Virtual Assistant

** Many people have never heard of a VA or are laboring under false assumptions about what a VA can do. VAs can run the gamut from basic administrative tasks to more complex business development projects and everything in between! Listen as Ari and Trivinia discuss what a VA can do and how they can partner with you in your life and business to accelerate your success. **What Makes a Virtual Assistant Great

** Trivinia explains how she hires VAs and the vetting process she goes through to ensure her company has the highest qualified candidates. For her, character traits regularly trump certifications and skills. In this episode, Trivinia explains why that is, why that is such an extraordinary benefit to her clients, and how she chooses who she works with.

**Continuous Training for the Most Skilled Virtual Assistants

** One of the things that sets Prioroity VA apart from other VA services is their focus on continued growth. Trivinia shares with Ari how she makes learning a part of the culture in her business and the opportunity she provides her VAs to continue to hone their skills so they can best serve their clients.

**What to do When it’s Not a Match

** Sometimes the VA client-relationship doesn’t work out. Trivinia and Ari discuss tasks they have had to say no to and how turning people down in the right manner can help to build your brand. If you have ever considered using a Virtual Assistant but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t miss this episode of the Less Doing podcast!

0:25 – Ari opens the show and introduces his guest, Trivinia Barber.

1:45 – Trivina explains what her company does and the wide range of tasks a VA can perform for clients.

2:41 – Trivinia shares advice on how clients can build trust with their VAs.

3:47 – Trivinia explains her background and why she started Priority VA.

6:06 – Ari and Trivinia discuss how a VA is really a partner with you in your business and the advantages they can have over an in-person assistant.

7:25 – Trivinia shares what she believes makes a VA great and how she hires VA based on this belief.

9:50 – Ari and Trivinia discuss tasks that should be outsourced but often aren’t.

11:16 – Trivinia explains what her team looks like and how she uses a VA in her life and business.

12:35 – Ari and Trivinia talk about the most in-demand skills for VAs today.

13:38 – Trivinia shares advice on how you can find the best VA for your situation.

15:20 – Trivinia offers tips for keeping your VA motivated and engaged.

18:25 – Ari and Trivinia discuss some of the craziest tasks their VAs have been asked to complete. They also share what they do when a task can’t be completed and how the team rallies to help solve complex problems.

25:33 – Trivinia shares her top three tips to help people become more effective.

27:15 – Ari closes the show Go to []( to find out more about how Priority VA can benefit you! If you enjoyed this episode of the Less Doing podcast and want even more tips for improving your productivity, join our community on [Facebook]( ——- [Get the FREE Optimize, Automate, Outsource Blueprint here.]( — Send in a voice message: