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Victoria Labalme – Rock the Room

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Victoria is founder of [_Rock the Room_](® and Risk Forward™. She is a performing artist and performance coach who helps people express their most authentic self and their hidden genius – on stage, in workshops, on video, and in life.

Victoria is a private presentation coach to top executives and teams at companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Paypal. She also coaches leading entrepreneurs, NY Times bestselling authors, Hollywood directors, and thought leaders who speak on the TED talk platform. Her recent TEDx talk- [_Risk Forward™_]( is spreading fast. In this episode, Victoria gives tips and ample advice on how you can “Rock the Room” and express your hidden genius. ## Key Quote “How do I design an experience for the audience to achieve the outcome that I really want?”

What You’ll Learn

1. How Victoria can help you express your hidden genius through the 5 modules of Rock the Room proprietary system.

2. The importance of structure, content, and delivery in giving a presentation

3. The importance of knowing what your underlying message is and making it the starting point of your presentation

4. The biggest mistake that people make when delivering a talk

5. Quick tips and advice for beginners and professionals

6. Victoria’s examples of great models and masterful storytellers

7. Why Victoria considers Kris Carr as her biggest success story

8. How to present your credentials and handle issues such as sounding monotone and hand gestures

9. Victoria’s top 3 pieces of advice to be more effective in business and in life

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