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# Episode 125

**Summary:** In Episode #125 Ari sits down with Wendy Myers of During their discussion, Ari and Wendy chat about the importance of intelligent diet, the dangers of bodily pollutants and the magic behind hair-mineral analysis.

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**Time Stamped Show Notes:**

– 21:03 – Introduction of Wendy Meyers

– 21:15 – Today’s topic?—Hair-Mineral analysis

– 21:27 – Wendy defines what hair-mineral analysis _is_ and why she started

– 23:00 – The inch of hair closest to the scalp can provide a snapshot of your health for the past 3 months

– 23:34 – What can we see from a hair-mineral analysis?

– 23:41 – Metabolic rate

– 23:54 – Thyroid and adrenal function

– 23:57 – Immune system

– 25:00 – Wendy walks through the results of Ari’s hair-mineral test

– 25:25 – Magnesium is lost _very_ quickly in those with fast-metabolisms

– 28:20 – Anyone who is under even the most _moderate _amounts of stress is subject to adrenal fatigue

– 28:51 – Adrenal fatigue causes a deregulation of copper

– 31:40 – Zinc and copper are instrumental in the proper function of the auto-immune system

– 35:30 – Wendy talks about the presence of heavy metals _within _the body

– 38:00 – To push heavy metals out of your body, you need to _mineralize _your body

-38:55 – Mercury—fish and dental fillings

– 41:19 – Cadmium—cigarettes and marijuana are the two main sources

– 42:52 – Lead—Tap water, cigarette smoke, paints, inks, glazes, etc.

– 44:28 – Additional elements and trace minerals

– 45:05 – Tin—Tin cans, water, industrial dumping

– 45:24 – Rubidium—A mineral in vegetables, spring water, etc.

– 47:30 – The Mineral Power Program and how it works

– 49:40 – Coffee is the #1 source of anti-oxidants for Americans

– 49:50 – Portable infrared saunas

– 52:02 – Wendy’s _Top 3 Tips for Being More Effective_

– 52:15 – Focus on your diet and identify food sensitivities

– 52:48 – Pay Attention to detox

– 53:35 – Get your sleep, at _least _8 hours a night

– 54:17 – and

7 Key Points:

  1. The inch of hair closest to the scalp is a snapshot of overall health of the past 3-4 months.
  2. Hair mineral analysis can provide insight into a number of health markers including adrenal function and immune health.
  3. Stress plays a huge role in mineral loss and adrenal fatigue.
  4. To purge heavy metals like mercury and cadmium from the body, mineralization of the body is key.
  5. Coffee — Send in a voice message: