Want to Build a Hands-Free Podcast Production Process?

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Here’s how…

The process is fairly complex, but not complicated. There are different moving parts, for sure, but my sole involvement is the recording of the content and that’s it! So I make it, then I don’t touch it again.

If you can get out of the way of the process, you will find that your ability to produce quality content increases 10 fold.

It starts with the person booking an interview slot on calendly. I capture their email, mailing address, phone, and social media handles on that form. I have a dedicated podcast “event” there and it kicks off a bunch of different actions. There’s a zap in place that triggers after the booking is logged in Calendly. It’s on an hour delay at which time it sends a voicemail from me using Slybroadcast. It says, “I’m so excited to have you on the podcast. If you haven’t heard my podcast before, here’s a clip so you can see how casual it is and get a feel for it.

The day before the podcast, they get a text message through Toky that reminds them of the interview. After the interview, Magic, our VA service, gets an email saying, “I just interviewed this person, please send them a copy of both books as a gift, take note of their email address and social media handles. Once the episode comes out, we then reach out to the person, thank them for appearing on the podcast and also give a link to subscribe.

We do our interview over Zencastr. Once it’s complete, I save the file to a Dropbox folder, which automatically goes to Libsyn or Simplecast, our product production service. They do the audio editing, put in the intro and outro, do the show notes.

They also pull out a 15-second clip and a one minute clip that is representative of the episode. Magic then sees it and creates the waave files that post on Instagram. They make the image, post it on Instagram, both as a standard post on my personal page and as a story when it goes live. Magic then emails the guest, thank him for being on the show and gives him a link to the published show.

I have repurpose.io set up to take the file from Libsyn and create a Youtube video of it and post it there.

If you want to take it a step further, it’s possible to post a transcription of the entire episode on SlideShare. Repurpose.io sends the audio to temi.com who does the transcription. It then goes to Dropbox, where Zapier sees it and sends it on to Magic who posts to SlideShare because you can’t post automatically …. Yet.

Slideshare is owned by Linkedin. It’s been around a long time and has been a place for people to post mostly slides; duh, like powerpoint presentations. But a lot of people use it to post content that is not video or audio: documents, infographics, beautiful.ai presentations. I don’t know why, but SlideShare seems to get the best SEO juice, so it’s an interesting add-on to the process.

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