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Ben Ahrens – A New Paradigm of Personalized Medicine

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**Summary** In this episode of the Less Doing Podcast, Ari welcomes Ben Ahrens to the show. Ben is a health and performance coaching expert and the current Executive Vice President of [Innovative Medicine]( Listen as Ben shares his journey battling Lyme Disease and what Innovative Medicine does for people like him.

**Key Quote ** “We are doing research, development, and educating medical doctors in a new paradigm of personalized medicine that takes personalized protocols and personalized treatments to a whole new level.”

**What You’ll Learn ** – What Innovative Medicine is and what they do – Ben describes his battle with Lyme Disease – Getting stuck in a negative feedback loop – What is neuro-cognitive rehabilitation? – The symptoms kept coming back and and we have to choose how to respond – Lyme is a multi-faceted and multi-systemic disease – The medical protocol and nutritional supplements that were involved in treating Ben – Ben is working on a book called, _The Set Point Effect_ – The idea is to not force change from the outside-in – The basic conception of homeostasis – The science of “small wins” explained – Ben’s

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