Get in touch with Ari by going to: The final episode of this podcast is coming, and we are sure that you’ll love it!

David Allen – Getting Things Done

Thanks for staying with this podcast for the long haul! We are getting into our final 500th episode. We are reviewing our fan’s favorites. Please enjoy this episode with David Allen, where he talks about getting things done.

Merv Symes – Value vs. Waste

Thanks for being a long-time listener of this podcast! With the 500th episode coming up, I thought it would be cool to go back to some fan favorites. Today’s interview is with Merv Symes, who gives us some examples about Value vs. Waste.

On Productivity: Chapter 2

This week, Ari spent a couple of hours in a recording studio to record the audio for his newest book: On Productivity. Ari shares his experience and how he is happy with the result. Listen to a snippet of Ari’s newest book!

Simplify with Kayvon K

Ari talks with Kayvon K about his journey and how he arrived into where he is now. Kayvon shares his experience and background.