What’s to Come with Less Doing

Welcome to my very last episode… episode 488. The next episodes will be some of the pre-recorded episodes from the Less Doing Podcast.

The Last Line of Defense

In the early nineties, there was a movie called “True Lies”… Ari talks about this movie and the phrase “The last line of defense.”

On Productivity: Chapter 2

This week, Ari spent a couple of hours in a recording studio to record the audio for his newest book: On Productivity. Ari shares his experience and how he is happy with the result. Listen to a snippet of Ari’s newest book!

Less Doing Labs

Ari talks about the material that he offers, why it’s valuable, and why it shouldn’t be completely free. Listen and learn about the Less Doing Labs program.


This past weekend, Ari did a lot of yard work. He shares his experience and how it was satisfying to finish it.

Simplify with Kayvon K

Ari talks with Kayvon K about his journey and how he arrived into where he is now. Kayvon shares his experience and background.