Project Management

On Productivity: Chapter 1

This week, Ari released the latest and possibly his last book On Productivity. How do we define productivity today? Check it out in this episode!

Managing Projects

The second biggest focus in the Replacement Founder System is on managing projects, and this comes after communicating effectively. It’s interesting when people try to skip the steps, and that’s why Ari explains why every step is important in this process. 

Radical Transparency

One of the big things that are missing in some companies’ project management systems is a reason “why”. Ari explains why we need project management systems and tools. 

The Ultimate KPI

What’s the ultimate KPI? Ari’s incredible masterpiece. Ari talks about the best KPI that you can use and explains why it can help you in your business.


  • What’s the best KPI? 0:29
  • How does it work? – 0:40
  • Having flexibility and freedom – 2:22
  • An inventor and an engineer – 2:58
  • Think about the 16 things that you are not going to do anymore at the end of the year – 3:37

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Another Inbox

Ari talks about why you should stop trying to use your email for everything!


  • Overwhelmed by your inbox – 0:30
  • Having troubles implementing Slack – 1:11
  • The need for another communication tool – 1:50
  • Dealing with leads and customer service by email – 4:28
  • Stop trying to put everything in one place – 6:21
  • Reducing your email inbox – 6:37

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The Stress Test

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